Lifting More Than Just Weights: Another Day Volunteering with New York Cares

On December 23, 2020, I continued my volunteer work with New York Cares. This time, the project involved packing food bags for distribution with the West Side Campaign Against Hunger, Food Bank For New York City, and St. Paul & St. Andrew Church. This high-volume program serves thousands of New Yorkers every year in Northern Manhattan and the South Bronx.

The day was physically demanding as I had to lift several bags of potatoes and onions weighing 50 lbs each. However, my daily weight training paid off, and I was able to handle the task efficiently. I had worked out with my fitness trainer Ion “Julian” Stanciu for an hour earlier the same morning, so this contributed to another two hours of working out for a total of three hours for the day.

Just like the previous day, I met some wonderful, kind, and good people. The sense of community and shared purpose was truly inspiring. I also earned some groceries to take home, a small but meaningful reward of food for the hard work.




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