A Rewarding Evening Volunteering with New York Cares

This evening, I participated in a volunteer project with New York Cares. The task at hand was to deliver food from Breads Bakery to a local homeless shelter.

The experience was fulfilling and heartwarming. I had the opportunity to meet wonderful, kind, and good-hearted people. The spirit of giving was palpable, and the gratitude from those we were helping was deeply touching.

In addition to the emotional rewards, I also earned a loaf of delicious bread to take home. But the real takeaway from this experience was the realization of how much we can do to help those in need, especially during challenging times like this ongoing pandemic.

If you live in New York City and are able to, I strongly encourage you to consider volunteering with New York Cares. There are many people in our city who need our help. I am volunteering in person, taking all necessary precautions including wearing a respirator mask. If you are unable or unwilling to volunteer in person, please consider donating money to New York Cares and/or other charities.




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