5 Productivity Tips for Executives in Leadership & Management Roles

MP900309344Here are 5 productivity tips for executives in leadership & management roles. Each tip involves the number 5.

  1. Every morning (or the night before), make a prioritized list of the top 5 things you plan to accomplish that day. These are your must-do tasks for the day. At the day’s end (or when making the next day’s list), review how many of the 5 items you completed successfully. Learn from past data when planning your current top 5 things.
  2. Whenever practical, write emails and replies in 5 sentences or less. Link to five.sentenc.es in your email signature to explain this policy to your recepients.
  3. Time box your presentations, proposal pitches and plans/project descriptions at 5 minutes. Learn via  www.google.com/search?q=5+minute+presentations how to make effective presentations in 5 minutes. Limit certain conversations, phone calls and quick improptu meetings to 5 minutes or less.
  4. Wake up at 5 am or soon after and leave the office to go home soon after 5 pm.
  5. Do not check your email, social media and other messages every 5 minutes.



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