A Game-Changing AI-powered Search Engine

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I’m thrilled to finally be able to share with you a project that I have been associated with and excited about since its inception. My friends Richard Socher and Bryan McCann, co-founders of, launched this transformative venture publicly on November 9, 2021. I am proud to have been a part of this journey from the beginning as an advisor and investor. aims to revolutionize the way we search for and interact with information online. The company’s groundbreaking platform is underpinned by advanced artificial intelligence technologies, with a particular focus on natural language processing and natural language generation. This AI-driven approach makes online searching not only more intuitive but also more personalized and productive.

Marc Benioff, renowned for his trailblazing leadership at Salesforce, is an early investor in His endorsement stands testament to the innovative potential of this startup.

The response to the launch of has been overwhelmingly positive, with various media outlets echoing the excitement. VentureBeat, for instance, appreciated how promises a privacy-first search experience while harnessing the power of AI. Meanwhile, TechCrunch admired’s ability to produce rich, contextually relevant search results through its use of natural language processing.

Given my longstanding passion for technology and product innovation, it is invigorating to be involved with a company like It stands at the intersection of AI and daily internet use, bridging the gap between complex technology and user-friendly application. The potential here is immense, and I am excited to watch and contribute to the growth and development of

If you’re interested in a fresh take on search capabilities, I encourage you to try out Its commitment to user privacy and harnessing the power of AI make it a promising candidate to reshape our internet experiences. Watch this space for more updates on the journey of, and join me in supporting this next big leap in internet technology.

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