Starting the New Year with Service: Another Day Volunteering with New York Cares

Today, I started the New Year on with another volunteer project with New York Cares. This time, the task was to unload food deliveries with the West Side Campaign Against Hunger and Food Bank For New York City. This high-volume program serves thousands of New Yorkers every year in Northern Manhattan and the South Bronx.

The day was physically challenging as I had to lift and transport dozens of heavy boxes containing groceries and food items. However, my daily weight training sessions proved to be beneficial once again. I had worked out with my fitness trainer Ion “Julian” Stanciu for an hour earlier the same morning, so this was another two hours of a workout for a total of three hours of exercise for the day.

The day was not just about physical exertion, though. I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful, kind, and good people. Their spirit and dedication to helping others were inspiring. It was a reminder of the power of community and the difference we can make when we come together for a common cause.

As we continue to navigate these challenging times, I encourage everyone to find ways to give back to their communities. Whether it’s through volunteering your time or donating to a worthy cause, every little bit helps.




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