Jason Patterson, Software Engineer at Instagram at Facebook

Jason Patterson shared this recommendation for Rajiv on November 25, 2019 via LinkedIn:

I worked with Rajiv as Director of Mobile Technology at The Wall Street Journal, and later as Distinguished Engineer, during a transformation of the iPhone app for The Wall Street Journal.

As a manager, I observed Rajiv’s talent for putting together a team of people to execute on a common mission. He was able to rally whole departments from disparate areas of the enterprise (from Technology, to the Newsroom, to Customer Membership) with a focus on the big picture.

As an engineer, I was given the flexibility to design and develop impactful solutions. By shifting our product and technology initiatives to focus on OKRs (objectives and key results), he was able to let teams come up with the solutions that delivered on company goals, instead of being prescriptive with top-down solutions.

In addition to focusing on OKRs as a success metric, he was also able to help fight to grow teams that were under-resourced, and transformed the WSJ delivery culture from a mindset of big-bang releases to a new normal of constant incremental improvement. This allowed the business to reap benefits earlier. The fruits of these efforts eventually yielded a Webby award for best mobile news app.

As Distinguished Software Engineer and Director of Mobile Engineering at The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones, Jason worked with Rajiv. Jason is now a software engineer at Instagram/Facebook.





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