Jordan Sudy, VP, Goldman Sachs

Jordan Sudy shared this recommendation for Rajiv on November 20, 2019 via LinkedIn:

I’ve had the honor of working under Rajiv at both the NYT and the WSJ. His talent and expertise as both a technology and product leader is, relative to my experience, and I’m sure to the great majority of others, extraordinarily rare. Even more rare is the fact that his talent is contagious— or as he would put it— ‘his API’ so well organized, accessible and able that those of us lucky enough to be plugged into it soon find that we’re connect to a source which inexplicably, almost magically, allows us to get our jobs done par excellence— while at the same time, we somehow have fun— and as a result of both, do we become better at our jobs and kinder in dealing with our colleagues and customers than we ever thought possible.

So clearly: I really do look back at the time spent reporting to Rajiv with awe. Simply put, Rajiv is a source of good for both people and for the products that they work together to build. And, while in the top level roles he occupies, this should of course be the rule rather than the exception, any professional knows this unfortunately not to be the case.

So…fortunately for myself and all my colleagues at the NYT and WSJ who either worked directly for Rajiv, or within the systems he worked tirelessly to stand up, we can say we got to work under exceptional circumstances, and as a result got to turn out, literally, speaking for myself and others, career making products.

For proof of this, one need look no farther than the award winning products that the most trusted names in media and journalism were able to ship during the time Rajiv was present. It is no coincidence. It was Rajiv driving.

Therefore I do not hesitate to proudly say: any company who wants to do best for their products, people and customers, need look no farther than Rajiv Pant, a true leader and force for good: exceptionally so.

As Vice President of Product for Mobile at The Wall Street Journal, Jordan reported in to Rajiv. Jordan is now a Vice President at Goldman Sachs.




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