Roben Kleene, Former iOS Engineering Manager at The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones

Roben Kleene shared this recommendation for Rajiv on November 17, 2019 via LinkedIn:

Rajiv has a rare gift for leadership that energizes an organization. The formula is connecting with teams, understanding their challenges, and providing just the right balance of space and support to help them succeed. That he does it all with warmth and good humor is a generous bonus.

I worked with Rajiv as an iOS engineering manager at The Wall Street Journal, and I was impressed by how available he made himself to our teams. His advice and support were invaluable in navigating our teams challenges. There was never any question that Rajiv had our backs, and that was a constant source of motivation. He made it clear that our work mattered, and that our path to success wouldn’t be sidetracked.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Rajiv’s leadership for any organization.

As iOS Engineering Manager and Lead iOS Engineer at The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones, Roben worked with Rajiv. Roben is now founder of a mobile technology startup.




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