Andy Nichol, Deputy CTO, Dow Jones and Company

Andy Nichol, Deputy CTO Dow Jones wrote this recommendation for Rajiv on November 17, 2019:

I have worked with Rajiv for three years. During that time we have partnered on a transformation programme at Wall Street Journal which has changed the way new product features are designed and delivered towards a collaborative process involving all parts of the editorial and commercial teams as well as product managers, designers and engineers.

Rajiv was instrumental in developing existing members of the team and also hiring in new talent to help us adopt new technologies and ways of working.

Rajiv’s particular achievement was to foster a strong culture of open minded collaboration nurturing new ides and approaches. This has led to enormous improvements in the stability and performance of our products and strong growth in page views and subscriptions.

As Deputy CTO of Dow Jones, a News Corp company, Andy worked with Rajiv.




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