Joe Simon, Chief Operating Officer at Encompass Digital Media, Inc.

Joe Simon shared this recommendation for Rajiv on Apr 23, 2016 via LinkedIn:

Rajiv has deep technical expertise and has continued to build his skills and remains hands on even as he’s progressed in his career. Has a good understanding of software engineering and has the ability to both architect as well as operate the solutions he’s created.

He’s good at building and managing teams – from small to pretty large ones, while both retaining and upgrading the skills of the team. He can clearly articulate a vision, motive the team and deliver quality output. Can remain calm under challenging circumstances and create a collaborative and fun culture.

He’s also a pretty good photographer with a great eye and has captured some amazing images. He does pretend to love the theatre – the reader needs to find out why for themselves.

As CTO at Conde Nast, Joe managed Rajiv.
[Rajiv’s note: The “pretend to love the theatre” part is an inside joke.]





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