Brian Murphy, VP of Engineering at The New York Times

Brian Murphy shared this recommendation for Rajiv on July 24, 2015 via LinkedIn:

When Rajiv called me to join him at his new job at The New York Times, I jumped at the opportunity to work with him again without any hesitation. He creates a culture of collaboration, high performance and productivity with a deep understanding of technology, architecture and operations. His kindness towards coworkers is unparalleled; always putting the needs of others ahead of his own. The best measurement of a leader is whether people follow them from company to company and Rajiv’s track record on that front is clear. He’s approachable, open minded, inspirational and manages his teams according to their varying needs and capabilities. I valued the autonomy he provided me with immensely. Rajiv is an exemplary executive who can scale with an organization. With his strong technical foundation, Rajiv has all the ingredients to be a stellar COO/CEO.

As Vice President of Engineering at The New York Times, Brian Murphy reported to Rajiv. Previously, he reported to Rajiv at Conde Nast.




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