Brad Kagawa, Vice President of Technology, Content Management Systems at The New York Times

Brad Kagawa shared this recommendation for Rajiv on July 23, 2015 via LinkedIn:

Rajiv is a different kind of CTO. While he always has valuable input on architecture, and is a great sounding board for a techno-philosophical discussion, he doesn’t often insert himself aggressively as a final decision-maker in these matters. Rajiv practices the philosophy that the strength of a good technology organization is that you put the right people in place so that you can trust the technology decisions that they make, and he is good at it. Rajiv’s strength as a CTO for the 4+ years that I worked for him was in actively building a technology culture at The Times. He made every developer feel welcome, showed genuine interest in their work, helped them understand the company direction as at least as well as any product manager could, and facilitated people making personal connections across the company. At the same time Rajiv could dig into low level technical details, conduct a meaningful code or architecture review, and flex all the technical muscles that a CTO should be able to. As an executive, Rajiv was able to elevate the status of the technology with senior management and throughout the company and made it easier for the rest of his staff to do their jobs.

As Vice President of Technology for Content Management Systems at The New York Times, Brad Kagawa reported to Rajiv.




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