Ross Settles, Vice President of Marketing, Knight Ridder Digital

Ross Settles shared this recommendation for Rajiv on July 22, 2015 via LinkedIn:

During my time at Knight Ridder Digital, I worked regularly with Rajiv on both operational issues concerning the media organization’s multiple content and advertising management systems and strategic issues facing a publisher of local and national news. In both roles, Rajiv was an invaluable resource for his insight, and the strength of his points of view. As a “legacy” news organization we tended to look at the world from the vantage point of historical trends. Rajiv was always able – sometime painfully able to – make us realize that the past in our case almost certainly did not predict the future. I can’t think of a better strategic partner and thinker at such a critical time.

As Vice President of Marketing at Knight Ridder Digital (now McClatchy Interactive), Ross Settles worked with Rajiv.





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