Chris Ladd, Senior Software Engineer at The New York Times

Chris Ladd shared this recommendation for Rajiv on July 22, 2015 via LinkedIn:

Rajiv truly believes in the importance of people and of culture — from the first moment I joined The Times, he nudged me towards places in the company where I could shine and best contribute, and connected me with others that could help. He is an executive who genuinely wants to hear your technical technical details, who wants your opinion on this technology or that, who genuinely wants you to do your best work and to succeed in your own career. He has been a great friend to me at The Times over the last four years, and even as my boss’s boss’s boss, made me feel as if I was truly his charge as well, in the best possible sense.

As Senior Software Engineer at The New York Times, Chris Ladd reported to Rajiv.

By Rajiv Pant

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