Melanie Colton, Senior Manager, Technology Conde Nast

Melanie Colton shared this recommendation for Rajiv on April 16, 2011 via LinkedIn:

Rajiv Pant combines his years of executive level management with technical expertise, providing his teams with a leader who can well-represent them in both areas. He welcomes the input of others, strives to learn how he or his team may improve, and makes himself available for feedback, guidance, or support. He believes in and champions technical innovation, always striving to find the best possible solution. Rajiv believes in his staff, promoting their successes and working with them to improve when issues arise. He will go to great lengths to find and retain strong talent, and is known for his welcoming, friendly, and humble nature. When tough decisions do arise, Rajiv is able to take action with the decisive means necessary for a keen executive. I enjoyed the many years I worked within Rajiv Pant’s technology team and would certainly look forward to working for or with him again, should the opportunity arise.

As Manager and Architect at Conde Nast, Melanie Colton reported to Rajiv. She subsequently become Senior Product Development Manager at McKinsey & Company and VP, Product & Technology at Hearst Digital Media





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