Cloudflare TV: The CTO Show

Cloudflare‘s CTO, John Graham-Cumming, interviewed Rajiv for the The CTO Show on CloudFlare TV. The CTO role varies enormously from company to company. In this series, John speaks with CTOs from across the industry to understand their role and how they ended up in it. (May 24, 2021) This week’s guest is Rajiv Pant, entrepreneur, former CTO… Continue reading Cloudflare TV: The CTO Show

Cloudflare TV: Builders and Innovators: Interview

Cloudflare‘s President of Field Operations, Chris Merritt, interviewed Tech luminary and entrepreneur Rajiv Pant for the Builders and Innovators segment on CloudFlare TV. Watch the 30 minute video on Cloudflare TV Aired on  January 13, 2022 @ 5:30 – 6:00 PM (EST)

Personal Fitness During Quarantine Times

In a 24 hour worldwide live streamed event titled #FindingBeauty in Quarantine Times organized by Drue Kataoka and fellow members of the Young Global Leaders community of the World Economic Forum, Rajiv spoke about his personal fitness journey during the months of the 2020 quarantine. Rajiv’s 25 minute talk begins at the 42 minutes 45… Continue reading Personal Fitness During Quarantine Times

Talk at Applause: Fighting Fake News with AI and Crowdsourcing at The Wall Street Journal

In this showcase session at Applause, the Wall Street Journal’s CTO & CPO, Rajiv Pant, will explain how the media organization is using advanced technologies to combat fake news. You’ll hear about ultra-realistic voice and video cloning technologies that will make you question the legitimacy of recordings. You’ll also hear how machine learning, artificial intelligence… Continue reading Talk at Applause: Fighting Fake News with AI and Crowdsourcing at The Wall Street Journal

Fastly’s Altitude Summit

Rajiv spoke at Fastly‘s Altitude 2016 Summit in San Francisco. #Altitude2016 was a full day conference featuring technical content and idea sharing about the edge, web performance and content delivery from industry experts. Rajiv spoke from his personal knowledge of a CTO’s role in getting, maintaining, and developing buy-in for infrastructure engineering projects from business stakeholders. Here is… Continue reading Fastly’s Altitude Summit

Womensphere Summit 2014 – NYC

At the 2014 Womensphere Summit, in addition to opening remarks with Analisa Balares – CEO & Founder of Womensphere and fellow YGL, Rajiv spoke in theCareer Leadership & Organization Leadership: Navigating the Path to Executive Suite & Best Practices in Technology Management panel. Rajiv’s talk was geared towards championing the paths of women in tech leadership roles.