Ted Nadeau, SVP, General Manager, CondeNet, Conde Nast

Ted Nadeau shared this recommendation for Rajiv on September 10, 2009 via LinkedIn:

Rajiv and I worked together for two years at Conde Nast Digital. Rajiv and I were partners in delivering all aspects the web sites.

Rajiv is the CTO and is responsible for all technical development and operations for the sites. He is very technically competent and provides a high level of technical strategy that enables the company to achieve very difficult goals. He is also business savvy constantly looking for ways to increase efficiencies and reduce costs. While working together he renegotiated contracts to achieve better terms and initiated new development procedures and methodologies to speed the process. He takes great pride in developing his staff at times spending off-hours to mentor developers and managers on his team.

Rajiv is dedicated and highly motivated. I always knew we could find a solution to any problem and knew the process of solving the problem would be positive, healthy and engaging. Rajiv was a pleasure to work with in all situations.

As SVP & General Manager at Conde Nast Digital, Ted Nadeau worked with Rajiv.





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