Susan Kaplow, Executive Editor, Syndication and Web Development, Conde Nast

Susan Kaplow shared this recommendation for Rajiv on December 16, 2010 via LinkedIn:

Rajiv is both an accomplished technologist and a skilled executive. I have the privilege of meeting with Rajiv once a week to discuss various technical issues across the company. Rajiv can clearly explain to editors how technology works and why. He has a real gift for informing non-technologists without patronizing them. I look forward to discussing new platforms and problems with Rajiv because I always walk away from our meetings with a list of new ideas. Rajiv is pushing his team of developers to innovate with our editors so that we can truly make tech part of the editorial process–not separate from it. The process is less painful because of Rajiv.

As Executive Editor, Syndication and Web Development at Conde Nast, Susan Kaplow worked with Rajiv.





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