Spencer Portee, Software Architect/Tech Lead, Conde Nast

Spencer Portee shared this recommendation for Rajiv on May 19, 2010 via LinkedIn:

To say that working with Rajiv was a pleasure would be a disservice to him and all those he managed. He wasn’t a short reaching middle manager who shuttles people here and there. He’s a leader in technology and actually has a great understanding of what is involved in it.

While I worked with him he continuously rallied us. He drove a great work ethic, of being straight forward without being unpleasant. He got us through the worst and always had a level head. And come rain or shine, he treated every single one around him, higher up or lower down as people – human beings.

If there was any memorable moments to be had, was being there at nearly all large technical events and making sure our work and his got through. Not to get statuses or point us around. Not to just be a firewall. He was one of us every time – someone who got his hands dirty to make sure things were done.

As Software Architect & Team Lead at Conde Nast, Spencer Portee reported to Rajiv. He subsequently became Director of Data Tech at BuzzFeed.





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