Please help the people in Haiti affected by the earthquake

If you haven’t heard the news about the earthquake tragedy in Haiti, you can learn about it at:

The Reddit team at Conde Nast is working with a charity called DirectRelief to help the earthquake victims in Haiti. DirectRelief can use your help. 100% of the donations made to them are going to Haiti response programs — no administrative overhead or fundraising charged against your gift. It’s all going to Haiti.


We’ve all been shocked and saddened by the earthquake that’s hit Haiti and based on the trending reddit links since the quake hit, it’s clear many of you are anxious to help. I got to talking with a redditor at DirectRelief, a non-profit specializing in just this kind of disaster recovery and sending 100% of donations to help Haiti – redditors needn’t worry about any money siphoned off for administrative or fundraising costs.

My wife and I made a donation. If you are able to, please join us in helping those in need.






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