Hyde Post, Vice President, Internet, Atlanta Journal-Constitution (a Cox company)

Hyde Post shared this recommendation for Rajiv on July 26, 2009 via LinkedIn:

After surveying the landscape at Coxnet, Rajiv made a number of key changes in the architecture and operational norms there that brought much-needed efficiency and stability to the web hosting operations. As a leader, he has a remarkable talent for seeing the forest first and not immediately getting lost in the trees as he sets his plans. He is very much a solutions person, fueled by a strong curiosity and willingness to try out new ideas. I believe he is most effective in an environment that is highly collaborative; he enjoys the give and take of shaping an initiative or solving a problem. He thrives on open exchange. His collaborative spirit made him a great partner in multi-organizational projects and created a strong base of support among his direct reports. Perhaps most importantly, he does a very good job translating complexity for the technology-challenged. I valued his advice and very much enjoyed our opportunities to work together.

As Vice President for Internet at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (a Cox company), Hyde Post worked with Rajiv.





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