The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini (Book Review)

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The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini was as enjoyable to read on the Amazon Kindle as it would have been in a printed book. I started reading it on the plane during my flight back to NYC from Charlotte after speaking at a conference there. It took two evenings to complete.

The story is gripping and emotional: It makes use of back references and coincidences that fit in well for such a story touching Eastern cultures and societies. The descriptions of Afghanistan make you feel like you can relate to the place that is foreign to many of us. The depiction of the immigrant community in the San Francisco Bay Area feels like a genuine experience. Even though the author relates the storyline to Afghan history giving the tale a realistic feel, he does not dwell much into narrating the actual historical events like a part-history book. Instead, the book focuses on the characters and the plot, making it a thrilling experience to read throughout. The story isn’t a light read: It describes some of life’s gruesome realities. Overall, while he does employ cultural stereotypes, the author has captured the essence of different cultures and represents them well.

In most parts, the story feels real, as if it was someone’s amazing autobiography. Some coincidences do, however feel too eerie to be true. I recommend it.

My rating of this book: 4/5 stars.

Below is an introduction to the book in a video interview with the author.






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  1. A friend and I saw the film Kite Runner yesterday. It was emotional and moving. The photography of the colorful kites soaring the skies and of the foreign landscapes and cities was excellent. The film did not go into as much detail as the book, and felt like a summary of the story. A longer film covering more elements from the story would have been even better. I recommend it with 3/5 stars.

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