Web site hosting provider and technologies change

www.rajiv.com now has a new hosting provider: Kattare Internet Services. The web site is now powered by Java and related technologies. My previous Internet hosting provider Brinkster gave me good service for many years, but when I converted my site from Microsoft .NET and ASP technologies to Java, I had to move to a service provider that supports Java and related technologies. Kattare was my choice because they have already been providing great service to www.cofax.org for years. Kattare’s customer service is excellent and they provide a rich collection of technologies and products.

As amongst the earliest adopters of both ASP and ASP.NET technologies (quote from Bill Gates), my personal web site’s move to Java in no way reflects a preference of Java over MS .NET. I like both platforms.

The templates for the pages on www.rajiv.com are powered by Tiles, a component of Struts. (Thanks to my colleague Magesh for suggesting it.) With the change from .NET and ASP to Struts and Tiles, the pages now have .htm extensions instead of .aspx and .asp. The old .aspx and .asp pages are redirected to the .htm ones using Apache’s mod_rewrite. The web pages on this site appear to be static html with the search-engine-friendly paths and page names ending in .htm, but internally they are dynamically assembled from components using Struts and Tiles.

Kattare Internet Hosting Powered by Struts

By Rajiv Pant

Rajiv Pant राजीव पंत 潘睿哲