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I believe in embracing innovation and experimentation in all aspects of life. Inspired by the San Francisco Chronicle’s Use of AI notice and the broader efforts of Hearst and other respected companies, I have published a similar page on my personal blog to share how I use Generative AI, specifically Ragbot.AI, as a tool in my augmented brain project and as my AI-powered personal assistant.

As someone who has been passionate about AI programming and programs like Eliza and the Turing Test since I was a child, it’s exciting to see how far the technology has come.

Ragbot.AI does not replace my writing, but assists my writing as an AI augmentation of my brain. Going forward, I will use Ragbot.AI in my work to:

• Assist with functions involved in the assembling of content before it is published, such as SEO, keywords, and briefs. However, no content will be published without my review and editing.

• Perform an initial review of content for grammatical and/or style editing. I will conduct a final review and editing before the content goes live.

• Assist with creating multiple versions and/or alternate versions (summaries, briefs, etc.) of my content for different platforms. None of these versions would go live on any platform without my review and editing.

• Provide research, information, and/or data related to or to assist in my writing and projects. All content will still be fact-checked and reviewed by me before being published live.

If you have any questions about any of my content or the use of AI on, please feel free to reach out via my contact page.

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