Preserving URLs of Evergreen Content

Changing the URLs of pages containing narrative content like articles has several disadvantages, especially for a content site: Readers’ bookmarks to the site’s pages break Links archived in electronic mediums (e.g. emails, documents) & print mediums (e.g. books, magazines, newspapers) to evergreen content1 like articles or news stories break Incoming links from other sites break… Continue reading Preserving URLs of Evergreen Content

Craigslist & eBay: Community sites founded by programmers

Great businesses are often started by people without a formal business background but with passion, vision and the ability to execute. Neither Craigslist nor [founder and chairman Craig] Newmark benefits financially from the deal. EBay and Craigslist both were started in 1995 by pocket-protector-type programmers; each became wildly successful in its own way, attracting fervent… Continue reading Craigslist & eBay: Community sites founded by programmers

Java Progammer? Use BeanShell

BeanShell is a fully Java compatible scripting language, capable of interpreting ordinary Java source files. You can also use it for working with Java interactively like an interpreted Unix Shell or Perl. You can try out Java’s object features, APIs, GUI widgets and other libraries hands on. BeanShell is free and also ships bundled with… Continue reading Java Progammer? Use BeanShell

Other Web Search Engines

Can’t find what you are looking for using Google? There are other search engines too. For specific searches, some of these may have their own unique advantages over Google. Google is still great too, but isn’t the only option around anymore. [blogroll-links categoryslug=”search-engines”] Update: 2008-Feb-02: The above list is now managed as WordPress blogroll links… Continue reading Other Web Search Engines