Category: Professional Life

  • Moving to Atlanta

    I look forward to living in Atlanta, a major city in the southeastern state of Georgia. I will, however, miss being around my friends in the the Philadelphia and San Francisco areas where I previously lived. On June 1st, I start work at COXnet as Chief Technology Officer. COXnet is part of the Cox Newspapers…

  • New Company, Effectuation

    Earlier this year, I founded a product development & consulting company called Effectuation ( with some associates. We are involved in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Media/Publishing and Open Source.

  • An All-Nighter at Work Followed by a Terrorism Threat Scare

    We had too much excitement at work pulling an all-nighter. Then when we thought we could go home and sleep, there was a terrorism threat at our building. An stranger placed some threatening packets mentioning anthrax and terrorism. Fortunately, one of the employees saw this suspicious person and alarmed the rest of us. As we…